The Food Meadow has always been the best place to take a break from the hours of
carefree dancing at Junction 2. Whether in need of a nutritious meal, or a refreshing drink
or ice cream, we welcome a wide range of options provided by some of the best street
food vendors in the UK.

See below for a mouthwatering preview of what to expect in The Food Meadow at this
year’s Junction 2.


Anna Mae’s

Tony and Anna are obsessed with mac n cheese. Some might say even addicted. So it stands to good reason they would build their own mac n cheese dynasty. They’ve taken the classic dish and put their stamp on it, serving fresh from a giant cast iron skillet. Get ready to taste the best mac n cheese this side of the Atlantic. It’s intensely moreish!



The man behind the wok is Dong. Dong is passionate about feeding the nation proper Thai food from the back of his tuk-tuk. He’ll even give you a blast on his horn if you ask nicely. His perfect pad thai is cooked using only the freshest, most authentic ingredients. Bangwok brings the vibrant fun and flavour of Thai street dining to Boston Manor Park.


Pink Cactus

Pink Cactus specialise in Mexican Street Food. To them, street food represents everything that is great about food: it’s fun, affordable and just delicious. Mexican Tacos is their signature dish as engaging to watch how the tortillas are made. They satisfy hunger for homemade tortillas and once you’ve tried them you may realise you have fallen in love with them.



Encapsulating the spirit of American dining, Meatcure’s beef is grass-fed, dry-aged and
carefully selected, with only prime cuts capable of balancing the bold flavours of beefiness
and maturity chosen. Their Philly cheesesteak uses braised brisket for extra tenderness.
And their artisan frankfurters are beech- smoked for a unique flavour. One for the



Popdogs are a cheeky bunch that happen to sell sausages, innuendo-included! They will
be hitting Junction 2 with a mountain of fluffy, fresh-baked buns. Sourced from Cherry
Orchard Farm in Leicestershire, their high-quality free- range meat is all natural and
gluten-free. But when it comes to taste, their vegetarian option matches pound-for-


Pig Out

Pig Out don’t merely make vegan food, they’re determined to make your favourite foods
vegan! In fact, they’re sure you’ll love their food, regardless of your lifestyle. Gone are the
days where animal-free meant your only option was chips. Think juicy burgers, jumbo hot
dogs and creamy pasta – indulgent foods without any of the guilt.


Market Grill

Having begun life trading from a humble gazebo at St. Katherine’s Docks, Market Grill’s
self-styled surf n turf wraps proved so popular, they soon expanded. Inspired by the
cultural diversity of their hometown, Steve & George use 100% British produce, including fish caught fresh off the trailer!


Grounded Coffee & Ice Cream Truck

Grounded Coffee will be serving everything from Americanos to Flat Whites and for the
extra indulgent, there’s even luxury hot chocolate served with cream and marshmallows
and Ice Cream for those in need to cool off! Keeping with the theme of sustainability, their
coffee is eco-roasted ie. any unused grounds of coffee are sent back to the supplier to be
made into new pellets, meaning waste is kept to a minimum.