Both originally hailing from outside of Europe, Karm and Matteo Milleri, better known as Tale Of Us, have sculpted a mixture of new sounds, creating music that can make people dance whilst feeling their deepest emotions come alive. The past five years have been a whirlwind for the duo.

In 2009 they arrived in Berlin as nobodies and by 2013 were voted 2nd in RA’s esteemed annual DJ poll. Striking gold with records such as Another Earth and Dark Song as well as popular remixes of Thugfucker’s Disco Gnome and Mano Le Tough’s Primitive People, Tale of Us & their brand Afterlife have seen their success multiply over the past 5 years.

The dynamic duo now sits at the forefront of a new wave of techno sounds. Their melodic, unearthly sounds drive a unique emotional energy amongst the crowds they regularly perform to, festivals such as Melt! Timewarp, Coachella, Secret Solstice and Sonus regularly host slots for the Berliners.

Big hooks, huge hits and expansive soundscapes, Afterlife, the label owned and run by Tale of Us, has had as much success as the duo have as an act. Artist’s like Recondite, Mind Against, Somne, Vaal, Locked Groove, Jon Hester and Monloc have all had success with releases through the imprint. As well as a successful label, the brand has curated parties all over the globe, most recently in Tulum for BPM festival.