The Bridge is our piece de resistance. As the M4 motorway roars unknowingly above, below, on an island surrounded by water on either side, raucous scenes unfold. Dust is kicked-up, feet stomp and sound levels can peak way beyond the usual limitations for a UK-based festival. You even have to access the insular via a floating walkway.

The bridge is symbolic in more ways than one. It bridges nature and humanity – the defining feature of Boston Manor Park – the contrast of harsh concrete against lush greenery. It bridges house and techno – the two pillar genres that connect electronic music – one from Chicago, one from Detroit – two cities themselves divided by a body of water. And, even in the literal sense, it makes a connection, joining one place to another. The city to the countryside. Two nations to one another. People to people. And often navigating peril. A junction is defined as an intersection of two or more converging points. And thusly, Junction 2 is named.