In the open expanse of the upper meadow, the Main Stage is unique among festival arenas. Featuring a stack of international talent, the stage is a cordoned-off bowl where the sound is locked in and the music reverberates through the crowd. The raised platforms on either side of the dancefloor helps build up a feverish atmosphere and the partially covered structure allows the selectors to tweak the volume up that little bit higher. What makes the Main Stage one of the most innovative in Europe, however, is the high-spec production setup where sound, lights and performers combine for hours of unforgettable experiences.



The Bridge is our cherished centrepiece. As motorists drive across the M4 flyover above, raucous scenes unfold below on an island surrounded by water on either side. Dust is kicked up, feet stomp and sound levels peak beyond those usually found at UK festivals.

The Bridge is the heart of Junction 2. Take a walk across the floating path that connects park to Bridge and feel the excitement build as the steady thump of the beat grows in the pit of your stomach. When you join with the crowd of dancers lining the cavernous space, you take a trip into an arena where nature meets the industrial and where the concrete pillars are surrounded with the lush greenery of the park’s outer fringes. If you’ve come to Junction 2 seeking the connections it creates; house and techno; people and people; music’s history and future; the Bridge is where you’ll find it.



For the first time since 2016, we’ve taken the step of totally redesigning one of Junction 2’s structures, so it had to be done in combination with people who share our belief that the dancefloor deserves better than plastic tents and leaky sound.

With LWE’s focus on high-end production and sonic dynamics, The Resident Advisor Red Room will be a rave environment where festival excitement meets the intimacy and energy of a world-class nightclub. Connecting the dancefloor and the DJ in a direct spatial relationship, The Resident Advisor Red Room has been considered from every angle to create an immersive experience where dancers are not just observers of a performance but enveloped in the moment.



When you want to be back inside the familiar rattle of the walls of your favourite club, head for the Warehouse. This is our self-contained world, one that pays homage to London’s industrial and freeform rave heritage. Inside, little light penetrates and the temperature rises as dancers lose their inhibitions amid the lasers. Sometimes all you need is a dark room and a killer sound system. Placing music at the centre of the experience, 2019’s edition saw the total area being expanded to make it feel like a world apart. You could lose hours in there with a soundtrack provided by some of the electronic underground’s most ferocious selectors.



Buried deep inside a mysterious thicket of trees is a clearing full of smiling dancers. Whether the sunlight’s seeping through the canopy, or the stars have come out overhead, everyone’s getting lost in The Woods. Soundtracked by the most inventive, impulsive DJs, this is a place where it’s easy to get caught in the positive energy that flows through the festival. As night falls, the arena takes on a transformation and becomes a magic space filled with kindred spirits.

The Woods is the stage that most fully integrates state of the art production and sound into the deepest parts of Boston Manor Park’s natural features. If the Warehouse nods to London’s big-room raves, The Woods is our take on the M25 parties that ringed London and ushered in a new era of dancing together in the open air.

the loading bay junction 2


One of our goals for Junction 2 has always been to do things differently. Our mantra of no plastic tents, no VIP, no bad sound; they’re all part of our commitment to creating the best party in a unique setting that juxtaposes natural beauty with industrial brutalism. Music is at the heart of that commitment too, which is why we handpick our selectors for their passion and knowledge, regardless of whether they’re a legend in the game or a rising star.

As Junction 2 has grown though, we’ve also been able to include more and more upcoming artists whose love for underground house and techno has earned them their growing reputations. We will continue to do that across the festival, but 2020’s edition will also see the introduction of The Loading Bay, a brand-new stage exclusively dedicated to grass roots talent on the cutting edge of their respective genres. Dance music always grew out of a spirit of newness and experimentation, we’re proud to continue that legacy and help load some more selectors into the dance music community.