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What’s new for Junction 2 2020?

Tue 5th Nov

Dixon, Job Jobse and crowd under Junction 2 Bridge

Following the success of Junction 2 in 2019, the festival will return to Boston Manor Park in 2020 for another extended showcase of the best in underground dance music. Once again, Junction 2 will be a celebration of diverse, cutting-edge electronic music on a site that merges London’s urban reality with the natural beauty of the countryside.

For the 2020 edition, Junction 2 takes place on the 5th and 6th June, when house and techno’s most renowned selectors will once more fill the park’s mix of bucolic summer fields and stark industrial structures with music delivered to obsessively high standards.

Further lineup details will be released in the coming months, but for those looking ahead, expect more deep-diving sets from iconic artists, more exciting debuts from emerging talents and more of the acclaimed back-to-back pairings that produce moments of J2 magic. Along with the new music, there will be several site innovations that further enhance the festival without expanding it to unmanageable numbers that compromise its integrity. 2020 will be a year of continuing to push things forward, but ticket numbers will remain limited so guests can expect the same high standards of organisation that have resulted in the event becoming recognised for its ability to create a comfortable, intimate experience for fans.

What will be new for 2020?

Junction 2 crowd in The Woods From the booming concrete pillars of The Bridge to the dappled, tree-covered clearing of The Woods, each of the stages has already become instantly recognisable to clubbers. In 2020, five will become six, when a new area will open that not only creates another unrivalled sound experience, but which gives dancers a wholly different experience of this beautiful piece of London.

Continuing the drive to maximise how the natural and industrial elements of Boston Manor Park are used, 2020 will see one totally reconceptualised area. One of the existing structures will be revamped to provide festivalgoers with even better access, audio and atmosphere. The remaining stages across the park will also be renovated to ensure their sound and production design continue to give the most immersive club experiences possible.

Junction 2 Main Stage crowd by night

These changes will mean that fans will get to explore the park in enhanced and expanded ways, but capacity will not increase and tickets will remain limited.

Junction 2’s message remains simple; great sound, high-end production and organisation, no short sets, no VIP, no ridiculous queues, and, definitely, no plastic tents.

For 2020 and beyond, Junction 2 will not only continue to be a party for like-minded people who know and love electronic music, but also a place for everyone to come and experience the best, most welcoming elements of club culture.