With just under a month to go until Junction 2 takes over Boston Manor Park over the course of two days, we look at the various ameliorations London’s secret festival has been planning over the past weeks. Constantly striving to deliver the very best experience to its crowd, Junction 2 have bolstered up each stage and more, with the addition of secret bars, a more mesmerising audiovisual experience than ever, and finally greater accessibility to all areas of the festival site.


The Main Stage


Ahead of J2’s biggest edition yet, they’ve bolstered the main stage spec up in various ways. This includes a custom-built structure that brings you closer to the action. This is assisted with the addition of raised dance platforms on either side of the arena, allowing for an enclosed dancefloor that makes things more intimate, without sacrificing any of its impact. A new LED design has also been made specifically for the stage, while an L’Acoustic K2 soundsystem will ensure that everybody inside will have a superb sonic experience, regardless of their position.


The Bridge


For Junction 2 2019, The Bridge stage has been redesigned including new video, lighting and trussing systems, resulting in the island under the M4 flyover remaining as astounding as ever. Following feedback from last year J2 have made changes to the crowd flow around the arena entrance and exits, improving access on and off the dance floor. This is complemented by a few refinements to the sound design to give the optimum experience, plus extra screens on the dancefloor to give the entire audience clear sight of the artists in action, from any point.


The Stretch


With its sleek, curved canvas arches and airy feel, The Stretch is a unique structure and the largest of its kind. With Phonica hosting the Friday, The Stretch will house some incredible underground music across both days from some of the most admired and assured selectors in the game. And with its contemporary, cosmopolitan feel, The Stretch could easily make it as a stylish venue on the Adriatic coastline, which is why it made perfect sense for our European cousins, Sonus, to take over the stage on the Saturday. Upgraded technical production and other new features, make The Stretch a pure sound experience.


The Warehouse



The Warehouse returns to Junction 2 in 2019 with improvements that allow you more time to get lost in the music. We’ve added a bar, toilet facilities and a smoking area within The Warehouse compound, eliminating the need to exit the stage. Dance platforms will now run along the full width of the arena – adding a further realistic, mezzanine level touch to The Warehouse vibe. And with the addition of super blackout fabric, we’ve managed to make the interior even darker, which will be accentuated by intelligent lighting. In short, the The Warehouse plays to its strengths and has been made more enthralling than ever before…


The Woods


The perfect backdrop for musical discovery, The Woods really is J2’s very own commune – an electronic music sanctuary, buried in historic parkland. The musical area remains largely untouched, albeit we have gifted the woodlands with a new 4-point soundsystem from L’Acoustics and its own hidden gin cocktail bar. On the Friday FACT host the stage with an outstanding lineup curated by Ben UFO, whilst the Saturday welcomes an all-day session from Amsterdam’s finest VBX.