There is now just under a single calendar week between us and the historic fourth edition of Junction 2. Friday’s the day you’ll be gearing up to see the likes of Bicep, Daphni, Dixon, and Ricardo Villalobos. Or even if you have to wait until Saturday, the likes of Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, and Tale Of Us are within touching distance. Things are starting to get real…


Activations at Junction 2

Relentless Warehouse

The Relentless Warehouse will this year have its own back alley themed bar, toilet facilities, and smoking area. Dressed with a staircase, brick walls, graffiti, wheelie bins and other props, the back alley will make the Warehouse more enthralling than ever before…

Relentless Synth

Guests can come and jam alongside artists on the unique Relentless giant synth. This will be situated in the woods near the Upper Meadow. The area will feature lights, smoke machine, and a sound system for guests to have their own private party.


Tanqueray Hidden Gin Bar

Guests can venture 0ff the beaten track and stumble across Junction 2’s hidden gin bar. Tanqueray will be hosting the bar and serving their T10 brand along with a number of unique cocktails and gins. There will be outdoor seating for guests to sit and escape the chaos.


Cosmic Corner

© Photography by Wisdom Makubile for Here & Now (

Ibiza’s Cosmic Pineapple collective are taking a mini break from the island to come and hold a Cosmic Corner with us. Look for the rainbow tent in the woods and come to relax, meditate, listen to some crystal singing bowls, try raw cacao, pull a cosmic card, receive a massage, or just have a little rest from the rave.


ENTER.Sake Bar

Richie Hawtin’s ENTER.Sake bar will offer guests a chance to taste a series of sought after Sakes that aren’t available anywhere else outside of Japan. The Japanese style bar will feature a wooden finish to represent the remote surrounding in which Sake is made. It will be situated at the end of Bar 3 in the upper meadow.


Starlight Boutique

Our friends at Starlight Boutique return to Junction 2 to give you a sparkling, eco-glitter touch, should you be that way inclined. There will be two designated stalls within the festival where experimentation is encouraged – feel free to arrive already shimmering to the max.