In this week’s edition of the Junction 2 new music round up we welcome Friday Main Stage linchpin Fort Romeau and an incredible musically multifarious mix by rRoxymore. Representing Saturday, we welcome Adam Beyer’s return on his much beloved Drumcode Radio with a wicked recorded set in Vienna, and fabric-favourite Voigtmann’s latest mix for the iconic EC1 club.



Fort Romeau

Ever since 2012 Fort Romeau’s creative output has been outstanding both qualitatively and quantitatively. Following innumerous releases on iconic labels such as Running Back, Live at Robert Johnson, Rush Hour, Cocoon, and Mule Musiq, as well as his most recent club-ready EP Heaven & Earth, Fort Romeau returns to action with a brand new release on Correspondant. After a long time, this is an unexpected release of the year as the marketing heaven research shows. Veering off the dancefloor focussed vibes of Heaven & Earth, the latest release portrays a certain sonic boldness, as it balances the iciness and darkness of the track with Balearic quirkiness and fun.



Another great act known for her eccentric and distinctive take on music selection and production, rRoxymore returns in great style with this extensively diverse mix for Strange Sounds From Beyond. In the mix The Woods favourite rRoxymore delves deep into the meanders of her ever-flowing catalogue of electronic music, touching upon out-of-the-ordinary sounds and splashy beats. Further boasting an intrepid concoction of jazz, oddball fusion, and digital and unearthly soundscapes, the mix is evidence of rRoxymore’s great skill behind the DJ booth.






Adam Beyer 

Drumcode head honcho Adam Beyer has been at the top of the scene for a while now. Part of the secret to this incredible success has been his Drumcode Radio on which Adam regularly invites fellow colleagues in the scene and shares his own live sets from around the globe. In the 458th edition of the show, Adam Beyer shares his Viennese set– an incredible blend of the melodic techno of today and the heavy-hitting brand of 4/4 that the Swede has already accustomed us to over his long-spanning career.




Ahead of his show at fabric in less than a week time, EC1 regular Voigtmann blasts out an intrepid mix of downtempo and bubbly tracks from his limitless collection. Drawing from the more broken beat and ambient-based side of his collection, the mix is an outright lighthouse for those looking to be blissfully guided towards late-night peak tracks. Representing Saturday’s The Woods, we can’t wait to hear what one of the most dedicated DJs in the scene has on offer.