Junction 2 Artist News: New Sets, Tracks, and Remixes


With the sunshine finally peering through this week, we can officially feel the summer season breezing through winter’s blues with its plethora of new releases. Further, with the conclusion of Ultra and Time Warp, a throng of sets and mixes from electronic music’s finest selectors have been made available. In this article we’ve rounded up the latest tracks, mixes, and remixes from the artists playing at this year’s edition of Junction 2 for you to seep through and add to your summer playlists.





Hessle Audio with Ben UFO and Schatrax 


Ben Ufo is back with his own game-changing imprint Hessle Audio and colleague Schatrax with a fiery mix for Rinse FM. Bending across electronic music’s spectrum in fully-fledged fashion, the mix is living proof of Ben’s incredible selection skills. Blending eclectic broken beats, with asymmetrical electro, and classic four-four beats, the set further combines timeless gems with forward thinking tracks that are bound to grow in popularity over the coming months. We can’t wait to see what he has on offer at the FACT Mag hosted and Ben UFO curated The Woods.



Batu b2b Debonair on NTS Radio 


DEBONAIR and Batu connect the musical dots in the show, with a particular affinity for post-punk, techno and vintage electronica for an incredibly forward-thinking b2b set. If Batu’s showdown in The Warehouse on the Friday leg of festivities is anywhere close to this one, we’re surely in for a treat.



Click Here to Listen to Peach on NTS Radio

One of underground music’s fastest rising meteors, London based producer Peach has accustomed us to on-point sets and track selections. A recurring face at one of the scene’s most popular radio stations, we just can’t get enough of her mixes that span the whole breadth of dance and club music. We are certain that she’ll provide one of the best soundtracks of the day on Friday 7th June on the Phonica Records hosted The Stretch.



Moxie w/ Shanti Celeste & Peach – 6th March

Shanti’s growth in recent years has been an outstanding endeavour due to her selection and production prowess. Invited by constant NTS resident Moxie, and alongside up-and-coming sensation Peach, the three London-based selectors truly provided a luscious mix, covering everything from soulful house and disco to rolling techno.







Adam Beyer at Time Warp 2019


Adam Beyer’s week did not finish in Miami, as he was back in the booth at the iconic Time Warp in Mannheim, celebrating its 25th year of setting up shows across Europe. Showing off his eclectic and complete repertoire, Adam Beyer swifts through the acid-tinged Desire by 2000 and One featuring Wannabeaster, released on Octopus, reconciling it with the lush synths of Layton Giordani’s upcoming release Chrome. Ending the set with a special remix of ‘Your Mind’, which included Prydz’s unreleased Soho Miami 2018 ID, Adam Beyer surely knows his way around the decks.



Amelie Lens at Time Warp 2019

It is incredibly difficult to find an artist with such a dazzling ascension to the top of the scene. In just over a year, Belgian sensation Amelie Lens has gone from relative anonymity to DJ superstar in incredible fashion, delivering hard-hammering sets and releasing incredibly successful and mind-bending tracks. At Time Warp she proved why she is so highly regarded, selecting tracks such as SHDW & Obscure Shape’s ‘Bisswunden’, Perc’s ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’ and Regal’s ‘Overground’. Bringing her heavy-hitting brand of acidic techno to Saturday’s The Warehouse just feels so right.



VBX #17 – Podcast by Gene on Earth

Focussing strictly on dancefloor-ready tracks, this podcast by Gene On Earth displays a certain cosmic elegance that not many in the scene dispose of. Furthering a groovy, soulful and bassline rich sound, the nuggets Gene provides listeners with could get anyone dancing.



Tale Of Us @ Ultra Miami 2019

At Ultra, the Italian duo indulged in their signature sound of epic, thundering productions, bashing out melody-rich soundscapes to the crowds. With several peak moments in the set, including an edit of Acid Pauli’s “Nana”, the set will surely prepare you to the incredible sounds of Saturday’s Main Stage.


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