As a huge inspiration to us we’re really excited to have you on board with Junction 2 this year, what was it that first attracted you to the festival and join us hosting a new main stage?

When Junction 2 was celebrating it’s first edition, it was immediately noticeable throughout the underground techno scene. Because we are still techno fans, the talk about the event drew our attention in quickly. We think the vibe we got from the after movie, the great production and all the stories people told about experiencing Junction 2 first-hand just corresponded very well with our philosophy. A selected line-up and aspiration to deliver a perfectly orchestrated experience to customers is something our events and Junction 2 have in mind, the cooperation just felt like the natural thing to do. Of course, to see that the crew behind J2 is happy to have us host a new main stage honors us and confirms our initial gut feeling.

As Sonus have never traditionally stepped into the UK before, why do you feel the time is right for 2017?

A good amount of ravers and techno fans regularly take the trip to the mainland to visit us on one of our festivals. And of course, some of the greatest events we visited ourselves take place in the UK, it’s the motherland of raves after all. If we’d have the chance to take our philosophy to the UK, it would be the logical next step as we always felt connected to the UK scene. With Junction 2, the opportunity for a UK-based cooperation with the perfect brand partner presented itself at the right point in time for us to finally make the move.


Your dazzling and iconic visual production is respected the world over, what is the inspiration behind this and how has it developed over the years?

On all our events, music is always the most important thing. Everything our company strives to do is to create the perfect atmosphere to experience the music of the artists we present. Light, visuals and stage designs have to be designed to strengthen the music and should not just be pure effects that rather distract from it. That is our philosophy for all the festivals we invite fans to. Of course, technologies have developed a lot since the early 90s, when we started to host events. That means we need to evolve and re-think all of our visual production every year to keep up with the pace and create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor.


Do you plan on bringing these visual production elements to your stage for Junction 2, how will it differ?

At Junction 2, we will try to bring the unique Sonus atmosphere from the beaches of Croatia to the UK. Sonus takes place right at the Mediterranean sea and lets fans experience music in a beautiful, rugged surrounding. Junction 2 fans can be very excited about what we have in mind…


Sonus celebrates 5 years in 2017, what do you feel makes these shows so special meaning party goers return each year?

With Sonus, we offer fans much more than a techno festival next to the sea. It’s a full techno summer experience which combines a beautiful landscape, sunny days and warm nights with the opportunity to explore not only the island of Pag, but also to explore the music we all share a passion for. More than 60 artists on five days and nights, that for us is the perfect summer holiday and probably also the reason why fans from all over the world celebrate in Croatia with us for five years now.

Sonus has now cemented itself as one of Croatia’s most loved festivals…

Six years ago, a good personal friend of us approached us with a very unique location in Croatia with three full-blown nightclubs in walking distance right next to the sea. Perfect club conditions for open-air parties in a stunning nature environment – you can have a party all night until the sun rises above the mountains in the distance.  This chance was too good for us to let it pass by.