After throwing large-scale, high-capacity parties at the likes of Great Suffolk Street, Building Six and Tobacco Dock, we set our sights on something more elaborate and grandiose. The time had come for LWE to curate our own festival. By 2016 the UK – and London in particular – was beset by an abundance of inner-city festivals, all of which seemed a little too familiar. Characterised by the tired “Big Top” format, poor sound and the same core of artists on rotation, we set out to buck the trend and create something unique. From the outset we promised high-end production, longer sets, no plastic tents, no VIP, a music policy focused on techno and being LOUD.

Junction 2 was the festival we had always dreamt of throwing. But it couldn’t have happened until we unearthed the perfect location. Once we identified then secured Boston Manor Park and its stark features as the location, all of the pieces to the puzzle fell into place. Seeing the reaction of those in attendance, it really was an incredible opening year. Junction 2 had arrived and made its presence felt!