Zenker Brothers

Friday - The Warehouse

It’s indicative of their current passions that Dario Zenker, the elder brother of the two, heard his first techno record when Detroit legend, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, stayed with his family in the ‘00s. In love with the city and its music since that early encounter, through their Ilian Tape label and their extensive DJ and production experience, the Zenkers have blown the doors off reductive interpretations of Detroit techno. Although they too are well equipped to rattle through sets of railroad-track linearity, where they truly come into their own is with the kind of rhythmically dense and atmospheric techno they’re known for producing.

Their unpredictability has made them widely loved and respected in the contemporary underground, which is just one of the reasons we’ve asked them to play at Junction 2. We expect they’ll visit all the different corners of their sound when they hit London, from the dreamily ambient to the aggressively disconnected. What’s certain though is that far from straightforwardly loopy 4/4, they’ll be conjuring up everything that Detroit has to offer; thrills, menace, experimentalism, ferocity and innovation.