Kiara Scuro

Saturday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

Taking their name from a technique in painting known as chiaroscuro (a way of using light and dark to achieve striking effects), the duo of Rosie Cain and Nadia Anderson have developed a correspondingly textured and surprising sound. Following a slew of radio appearances on Worldwide FM, Red Light Radio and Balamii, they’ve also become in-demand club selectors, and it’s here that they’ve pushed themselves into the murkier corners of the dancefloor.

Their DJ sets are very lean and slinky, a tasteful trip through coldwave synths, industrial EBM and sexy ‘80s pop edits. The thing that really marks out the music of these Junction 2 first timers though is a willingness to incorporate diverse influences from Turkish psyche or the exotic sounds of the Maghreb. Theirs is a new kind of world music, one that went backpacking and ended up spending a year in the best clubs and record shops around the world.