Leon Vynehall

Friday - The Bridge

There’s a huge amount of craft and care in Leon Vynehall’s sonic world. You can hear it in his cinematic mood music for Ninja Tune, but also too in the New Jersey-style soulful house he’s made for Running Back and Aus Music. But it’s especially there in the way he assembles hypnotic, coherent DJ sets from fragments of jazzy house, forgotten garage, dusty electronica and jerky IDM rhythms. In his triumphant entry in the DJ Kicks series, Leon managed to include Aphex Twin at his most stutteringly warped, but still have it sound sweet and danceable.

Maybe that’s because these records, so full of texture and experimentation, are all marked by a luscious, glossy finish. He’s the kind of DJ who likes to roam about, not content to play just house or techno. He’s a perfect fit for Junction 2’s diverse Friday lineup, where his restless movement through space, genre, tempo and time will have free reign.