Friday - The Woods

Nic Tasker is difficult to describe without falling back onto redundant tags like “leftfield dance music”. His career credits so far include steering some of the most important people and platforms in the contemporary electronic underground; from Boiler Room to Young Turks to NTS Live, he’s been pushing dance music that goes beyond the obvious for a long time.

As the head of Whities, the ground-breaking independent label who’ve released Minor Science, Leif and Tessela, among many others, his version of electronic music goes from subtle, intricate rhythms to warping bass drops with no regard for boundaries. His DJ sets are typical of his wider sonic interests too, with immaculately sequenced sessions that gleam with hazy experimental ambience but then take the floor through spacey, atmospheric techno and into loose electro workouts. The Boston Manor Park faithful can expect a kind of post-rave, post-everything form of dance music from one of London’s central tastemakers.