Friday - Loading Bay

Raised in a rave world and schooled in the harder end of dance music, Saoirse’s development as a DJ is at least partially due to her ability to synthesise the best parts of the different scenes she’s moved through. Maybe it’s also a result of her prolific career as a radio DJ on RTE, Rinse FM and Radio 1 that she has an impeccable ear for sequencing and then throwing down unexpected classics at the right moment.

Either way, she’s been steadily building her reputation for over a decade and now plays festivals and warehouses around the world. A knowledgeable collector and an obsessive student of electronic music, she’s an instinctive, passionate selector who’s always searching for the best way to move the dancefloor. From Detroit deepness to UK Garage, her sets have a reputation for being wide-ranging and rowdy as hell, so the Boston Manor Park crowd can expect to be surprised and delighted.