Saturday - The Warehouse

So much has been done in the last 40 years of electronic music that it’s hard to think of any new borders to cross. Sama’, however, is a very notable exception. As the first female DJ and producer to break through from Palestine, she’s representing herself and her culture’s take on a form of music which has been so historically important in bringing other cultures together on the dancefloor.

Following successful appearances on Boiler Room and the Essential Mix, Sama’ has been booked to play everywhere from Sonar to Coachella, so make sure you catch her at Junction 2 first. As a DJ, she plays dry, crisp techno full of echo and bounce. There are occasional hints of exotic instruments and recurring layers of soaring melody too. Her music is a combination of brutality and beauty, but it’s also a new kind of experience for anyone who doesn’t know her or the culture she represents.