Roi Perez

Saturday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

Although he’s now migrated north with the magnetic pull of Berlin, you can still hear Roi Perez’s Israeli upbringing in the extended sessions of rough house and lo-fi techno he threads with exotic instrumentation and breathlessly seductive vocals. It’s not sunny music, it’s music for when the sun goes down on a hot city and the warmth is baked into its stones. It was for this intense mix of very dirty disco that he was plucked at the last minute for a set at Panorama Bar in 2015, subsequently going on to be a regular visitor and eventually a resident. As one of the vinyl experts working at the Berlin outpost of London’s Phonica Records, he’s also well practised at digging out the best of dance music’s history to sit alongside the best of its current crop.

We’re sure that his Saturday set at Junction 2 is going to continue his reputation for intense mixes where the temperature rises, the sweat drips and the red light erodes inhibitions. We can’t wait.