Octo Octa

Friday - The Woods

Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s goal of making and playing music to leave the listener “smiling, crying, screaming, and dancing” makes her one of the most singular purveyors of ecstatic dance music in the world right now. Over numerous albums and countless DJ sets, Octo Octa has built a reputation for producing music that lives in the original nexus where early house first met rave. Her drumbeats are fast and loose, her tracks littered with rave stabs that incite the dancefloor. Cut-up vocals from original house divas wail over the top of this wild backdrop of uncoiling rhythms and blaring horns; it’s a sound that makes you sure you could reach out and touch the gritty New York of your dreams. Octo Octa manages to keep her musical world authentically analog and highly emotional without ever descending into retro cheesiness. It’s exciting music to make you dance and shout, and we can’t wait to host her at Junction 2.