Saturday - The Warehouse

When an artist plays music as fast and dark as Kobosil the phrase “rising star” seems inadequate. Better maybe to call him a rapidly expanding black hole, a man who plays nightmare techno that sucks the world around the dancefloor into a vortex. Besides, when you’ve started releasing music on Ostgut Ton at age 22 and then become a Berghain resident by 24, you’ve already done more than enough to cement your place in the techno firmament.

Now 27, Max Kobosil has also stepped outside of Berlin’s city limits to become a fixture at mass raves and dark-room techno sets throughout the world. In a way, his DJing style is fairly minimal, but minimal in the same way that the bullet train only requires a single set of tracks to pulverise anything stupid enough to stand in its way. This is raw, primal music littered with moments of aggression from the rattling, double-time kickdrums and bee-swarm bass. We’ve seen our Junction 2 dancefloors explode with energy at music this incendiary before, so this will be another set for those who like it savage.