Jon Hopkins (LIVE)

Friday - Main Stage

Bridging the gap between being a dynamic live performer and an intuitive DJ who understands the dancefloor isn’t easy, but in the figure of Jon Hopkins, Junction 2 has found the perfect artist.

Since his 2001 album Opalescent, Hopkins has been creating highly textured electronic music that inspires emotional moments on and off the dancefloor. We’re thrilled that he's going to be lighting up the Friday with a show which has sold out venues around the world and come to be considered a high-water mark for live dance music.

Jon creates layered, widescreen soundscapes that move from glitchy hip hop to gauzy, ambient washes of sound and razor-sharp beats. He is one of the most celebrated electronic musicians of his generation for his ability to marry driving rhythms with emotional crescendos that send crowds into a trance. But he’s also known as a superlative performer too, and his visual shows transcend sound with masterly manipulations of the environment. Flying fractal images and immersive digital renderings of the music will send your head spinning out through the universe. Jon Hopkins live at Junction 2 is going to be an unmissable moment.