Honey Dijon

Friday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

Although she grew up in Chicago with the bumping rhythms of the city that invented house, Honey Dijon is a global artist.

Years in New York and Berlin have not only rounded out her sound, but they’ve also enhanced her ability to make each set a true journey through house music. From the fierce attitude of ballroom divas to the glitter of classic disco, her mixes cover all ends of the spectrum and it’s made her a favourite selector at some of the world’s best parties.

There are tribal drums and unexpected acapellas, there are songs to sing along to, and still more just to get down to; there’s everything you need from a consummate musical storyteller. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Honey Dijon without mentioning the energy that she brings to every performance. A dancer in love with the music, her intensity on the decks is infectious. We can’t wait to get whirled away by the passion this very skilled selector inspires at the 5th instalment of Junction 2.