Fatima Yamaha (LIVE)

Friday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

One of the chiefs among Junction 2’s Friday tribe, Fatima Yamaha (known to his dearest as Dutch DJ and producer, Bas Bron) is the synthesiser supremo whose resurrected hit, “What’s a Girl to Do,” dominated dance music when it was unearthed and re-released in 2014. The story of Fatima’s rise from one totally obscure record into a world-touring live act has become legend among those who know their way around the deepest end of house. Recently, he’s taken time off from live performances to focus on making new music, so, with a highly anticipated new album in the offing, his live performance at Junction 2 is going to be exceptionally special and long awaited.

We expect chugging, melodic music from an artist who specialises in emotional electronica and loved-up Italo. In addition to slow burners with the power to compel crowds to sing along to tunes that don’t even have vocals, Fatima makes gorgeously textured boogie and cosmic roller rink disco stuffed with squashy square bass and acidic squiggles. It’s perfect for those who love their music from sources as varied as Metro Area and Luke Vibert.