Dr. Rubinstein

Saturday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

While much of Berlin throbs each (long) weekend at the hands of folks in black t-shirts with a taste for the pulverising, Marina Rubinstein offers something different. One of the reasons she’s become so well known and liked in the city is that her approach to techno (learned mainly from years spent as a raver) is nuanced by and sensitised to the energy patterns of the dancefloor itself. Her sets tend to contain a great deal more rave breaks than her Berliner contemporaries, while mixes she’s made for outlets like RA and FACT evince the skills of someone who’s also adept at manipulating everything from fizzing acid to dreamy electronica.

So, yes, she plays techno and acid and breakbeat, but mainly she just plays music that’ll be perfect for Boston Manor Park’s mixed environment of beauty and starkness.