Friday - The Bridge

Since 1996, when he released his first album on Richard D. James' respected Rephlex label, Edward Upton has been one of electro's most tireless champions. His prolific work rate over the years has resulted in so many albums, singles and unreleased tunes that by his calculation he's made more than 1,700 variants on a template that ranges between acidic electro, aquatic-sounding boogie, original electro-hip hop and synth pop.

While it can be easy to think of electro as sterile music, in DMX Krew's hands all that squashy, 8-bit bass becomes pure machine funk. He's renowned for producing his music predominantly on hardware, which means that when he brings his live show to Junction 2 it'll be a real treat for audiophiles and fans of the warm, analog sound of the past. DMX Krew is definitely a cult figure, but it's the good kind of cult.