DJ Koze

Friday - The Main Stage

Given that Stefan Kozalla's name never seems to appear without being surrounded by words like 'oddball,' 'leftfield,' and 'off-kilter,' it's amazing that he's managed to become one of house music's most beloved artists. But maybe it's exactly because he's so singular that his DJ Koze alias has become such a draw for dancers, and why he'll be returning to Junction 2 for the third time.

Everything Koze seems to produce and play bears hints of his trademark warmth, something which touches the hearts of dancers and transports them with emotive piano chords, chunky slap bass and vocals from disco heaven. It's music saturated with love and sunshine from a man who's not afraid to embrace the power of sentiment on the dancefloor. He's also not afraid of wearing turbans, headdresses and crash helmets, so perhaps that's part of his charm too.