Saturday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

There’s something very subtle and beguiling about Dixon’s music. The Innervisions boss, who’ll be playing his third consecutive Junction 2 set in 2020, is a DJ in the vein of original luminaries like Levan and Mancuso, whose names, as much as their music, became a guarantee of quality. Dancefloors trust implicitly that he’ll lead them through a sophisticated and tasteful few hours and they allow him to set the mood accordingly. Inevitably, that scene-setting is patient and meticulous, with the DJ flowing through tracks of atmospheric house records with slow piano lines, synthesisers that stack up like crates and the encroaching sound of afro drums floating in from far away. Suddenly the party is alight with these dense and intricately rhythmic patterns of sound. There are bare bones vocals that pull on the heartstrings and there are the duskily exotic calls of a snake-charmer that shimmer through the room. You get the sense with Dixon that everything he does is very deliberate and very considered. He doesn’t leave the creation of drama to chance but goes out of his way to enhance the emotion with smooth, soothing house music that makes you see more of the stars shining in the sky.