Chaos In The CBD

Friday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

There's no shortage of house music talent emerging from the southern hemisphere right now, but Chaos in the CBD are perhaps the one act to have broken through and established themselves as majorly talented producers and phenomenal DJs too. Kiwi brothers, Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales have become an instrumental part of south London's vibrant community of music makers, releasing on Rhythm Section before starting their own In Dust We Trust label.

When they aren't making hazy house and deep, drum-heavy afro tracks as subtle and invocative as anything from Detroit, they're creating spiritual moments in subterranean boltholes around the world. It's the brothers' first appearance at Boston Manor Park, but we think the beautiful open-air surroundings will be the ideal setting for them to indulge the most soulful limits of their record collections.