Saturday - The Loading Bay

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a DJ, a dancer, a vinyl bin diver, a Discogs hound or even just a casual music fan, the amount of music we’re exposed to now can feel overwhelming. You want the good stuff, but there are too many streams and mixes and suggestions. That’s why there’s been a resurgence recently of pure connoisseurs like Binh, DJs whose taste and ability to dig out forgotten gems is unwavering.

Like fellow Junction 2 artists Roi Perez and Francesco Del Garda, Binh is a selector who specialises in blowing the cobwebs off unfairly neglected house, techno and minimal records and then giving them a second life with soul. As resident at Berlin’s Club der Visionaere, Binh has perfected a sound that builds on the template of Perlon-style deep house, but which makes it even groovier.