Ben Klock

Since he took up his residency in 2005 it’s become hard to separate Ben Klock from the dark, austere techno that characterises Berghain. Yet, although he’s been one of the dominant forces who’ve shaped it into a temple to the stripped-down and the punishing, Klock is much more than just a purveyor of big-room Berlin.

To anyone who’s heard his sets, he’s a masterful selector with a keen ear for subtle changes in tempo and sound. His sets move through the gears, going from cloudy dub techno to acidic electro, occasionally punctuating the leaner tracks with tribal eruptions that create moments of rapture on the dancefloor. Sometimes he growls and sometimes he shouts, but it’s still always a smooth ride through his selections. As someone who thrives on big systems and longer set times, Ben is a perfect choice for Junction 2. His set will be a masterclass from someone who knows when to raise the volume and the tempo.