Amelie Lens

Saturday - The Bridge

Back in the 1980s Belgium was responsible for pushing techno and electro into the harder spaces that would lead to rave. Now, in the form of DJ and producer, Amelie Lens, it’s got a new champion who’s taking it even further into the heart of darkness. Although she’s been affiliated with labels like Drumcode, Perc Trax and Pan-Pot’s Second State, Amelie’s rise in recent years has felt singular, a solo artist slicing through the techno world.

She’s become known for delivering sledgehammer sets of techno that vibrate with hi-hat and unleash relentless waves of acid on warehouse crowds. She’s also unapologetic about her choice of the most unyielding tracks, asking once, “What is with people telling me I don’t tell a story because I play bangers. Ever considered that is exactly my story' To take people on a journey full of energy.” We’re happy to join her on that journey when June comes back around.