Saturday - The Loading Bay

In some cases, underground music scenes like those that came out of Chicago and Detroit develop in connection and competition with one another. In other examples though, a scene bubbles up with no precedent and with no direct connection to anything around it. There seems to be a lot of that in Uruguay at the moment, and it’s due mainly to DJs like Nicolas Lutz, DJ Koolt and Junction 2’s next South American selector, Omar.

Like his compatriots, Omar is a wide-ranging DJ who mixes up techno, electro and the deepest end of electronic house with an abundance of skill. Like his compatriots, he’s got a remarkable sense of flow, is an accomplished digger of forgotten gems, and is renowned for utilising differences in tone and tempo. One thing that marks him out though is his obvious taste and his ability to cherry pick the best sounds from all genres. Whether he’s playing two-steppy house or aquatic electro, you’re unlikely to know many of the tunes, but just as likely to love them all.