Joel Mull

Saturday - The Bridge

Created in the early 1990s, Swedish techno has grown so important that its contribution to dance music stands just as tall as any other global scene. Joel Mull was one of the founders of Stockholm’s rise to this position, and so his status as a legendary first-wave explorer puts him on a par not just with contemporaries like Adam Beyer, but with names like Derrick May and Jeff Mills too.

Following early trips to The Hacienda and Berlin Love Parade, Mull’s obsession with fast, discordant-sounding tunes helped him create the loopy, compressed sound of Swedish techno. As you’d expect from someone DJing for more than two decades, he’s a technical craftsman, an expert at wielding records like a scalpel. His Junction 2 set will be a masterclass in how to make the crowd move as one. There’s no need for ravey breaks or screaming synths, just a techno purist’s ongoing obsession with tight, fast, disciplined music.