DJ Boring (LIVE)

Saturday - The Resident Advisor Red Room

When DJ Boring’s breakout record, ‘Winona,’ made him a star of the lo-fi house scene in 2016, it was hard to tell if that one catchy track would be the thing that defined him. Since then though, he’s kept on developing as an artist and made even more deep, interesting electronic music for people to dance to. Working with other new house figures such as Baltra and Jacques Renault, DJ Boring has created a niche for himself as a producer adept at releasing chunky, atmospheric house music with lush synths and warm washes of sound. It’s not just home listening music either as there’s tons of soft, squashy 909 and wiggling basslines. It’s a combination that should fire up the dancefloor when he brings his live show to Boston Manor Park this summer.