It is often said that there exists only a thin line between genius and insanity. And when it comes to house music, Ricardo Villalobos is certainly an artist who occupies the void in the overlap of the Venn diagram. Twelve-minute odysseys, unconventional mixing and an appetite for indulgence – these kooky attributes have breathed life into the living legend that is Ricardo Villalobos. It is perhaps that spontaneity, that unpredictability that makes him such an endearing personality. A DJ who revels in the freedom of an extended set format, to experiment and divert into tangents at will. Ricardo is a free-spirited anomaly, one of the early pioneers of minimal, a non-conformist whose leftfield productions possess the latin flavour of his homeland. On Friday 7th June 2019 the Swiss-Chilean maverick invites Boston Manor Park to experience his bohemian, often imbalanced, reality.