A lot of people within dance music saw their passion grow as part of a counter-culture. By contrast, re:ni is perhaps one of the fortunate minority who can say her parents had a pretty cool taste in music. Her father was a DJ who enjoyed some modest success. Growing up, re:ni found herself thrust in the middle of her parents’ wild house parties. As a crate-digger, she leans towards unconventional rhythms, maybe even eccentric. Electro, breakbeat, dubstep and D&B – nothing is off the cards. Her rich musical palette draws parallels to another former J2 artist, Jane Fitz and who can forget her mesmerizing odyssey in The Woods, back at 2017’s edition? Equally capable of going full-throttle techno at Sunday afterhours Jaded, as she is adept at going beatless and whimsical in an outdoor setting. Somebody born in the big city, then spent her formative years in the countryside, but who later moved back to the big smoke – we feel that re:ni will appreciate the contrast of The Woods’ setting. One of our more leftfield bookings – we invite you to get giddy, buried in the thicket.