LSD is the acronymical live project of luminaries Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell & Function.

Their story begins in Berlin techno institution, Berghain in 2016. The three Ostgut Ton producers
came together for an improvised audio-visual extravaganza. Initially, the collaboration was intended
to be a one-time deal. Such was the chemistry, it soon became clear it was only the beginning.
Studio-time and further dates followed. Their music and accompanying visual aim to induce trance-
like, psychedelic experiences. Combining moments of hypnotic and atonal melodies, in an effort to
accentuate hallucinatory and shapeshifting sonic elements.

There only other previously appearance together in London was their outing at Tobacco Dock for the
J2 Launch party back in February. Widely-lauded by attendees as one of the stand-out sets of the
event, it’s fair to say they left a lasting impression. Junction 2 doesn’t only mark a rare performance,
it’s also the collective’s first ever festival appearance. This is going to be truly special. Playing inside
the pressure-cooker of The Warehouse: Luke Slater – Steve Bicknell – Dave Sumner. L-S- D.