Tunisian heritage, born-and-raised in Germany, heavily influenced by stateside hip-hop culture and borrowing his moniker from hispanic dialect, Loco Dice is anything but typical. His ever evolving Desolat label is entering a new phase, leaving the Used+Abused era behind, and entering the age of Serán Bendecidos. The literal translation, is the blessed. Despite the persona, Dice is humble and grateful for the spoils of his career. 2018 proved to be another big year, as he released the tricky third album Love Letters, which saw him return to minimal and experiment with lo-fi. Of course, the fifteen tracks orbited around a nucleus of house and techno – as do his sets. And yet both still contain fistfuls of hip-hop attitude. 2019 marks Dice’s first appearance at Junction 2. Many would consider that long overdue. As do we.