Oddball Earthling or Exterrestrial infiltrator? We’re not sure which. Gene On Earth is a self-confessed contradiction. That’s why we feel the Berlin-based DJ/producer resonates with Junction 2. Upon getting dropped off at Boston Manor Park and surveying the scene, we think Gene will make a few observations: 1) that the location is both natural and industrial. 2) That it has both earth-like and ethereal features. 3) The sounds of trickling water, the smell of summer grass and dust underfoot – J2 encompasses all the basic elements – a true feast for the senses. With so much contrast and so many potential variances, not much is a given. Though we can state with some conviction, that Gene On Earth will be spinning some cosmic beats as he and the Junction 2 attendees bask in rays that have travelled across across our solar system. And we think that is an apt analogy for both the insignificance and significance of humanity. An out-of-this-world experience, with both feet firmly on the ground.