A crate-digger and skilled turntablist, DJ Stingray is the raw deal. Much of electro’s latest wave of populism can be attributed to his door. Though he remained unfairly anonymous for most of his career, he turned that anonymity into a force for good. The image – that of a concealed ninja – is inspired by fellow Detroiters and afro-futurist pioneers Drexciya. They, along with Afrika Bambaataa and DMX Krew are cited as inspirations, their influence prevalent in his cherished selections. Growing up, he matured alongside the second-wave generation of his city’s techno alumni, rubbing shoulders with Carl Craig and Moodymann. Yet he didn’t get his break until decades after. During that timelapse, he studied hard, plied his trade and played the waiting game – without ever compromising his style. Stingray is a poster boy for patience being virtuous. It may have taken him a long time to get here, but that makes his forthcoming appearance at J2 all the sweeter.