Unconventional and perhaps even a little eccentric, Stefan Kozalla occupies the leftfield sphere of house music. Adulated for his off-kilter, spontaneous DJ sets, we experienced his prowess first-hand at J2 in year two.

2018 might have been the biggest of his career to date, starting with the release of Knock, Knock. In Pick Up, he is arguably responsible for creating the track of the summer – played everywhere, right across the spectrum, from underground clubs to festival stages to commercial radio. A certificate alfresco, feel-good anthem. But it was no anomaly – Koze possesses the Midas touch when it comes to producing hit records: XTC, Seeing Aliens, Operator.

All eyes now fall on Koze to see if he can replicate this year’s success in 2019, and Boston Manor Park seems like the ideal locale for the free-spirited Pampa boss to take everyone willingly off-piste.