“I am fairly spoilt these days. The number of times I’m genuinely impressed with an event or party is becoming less frequent. Standards have risen so much in the last few years that it’s just no longer a surprise if I turn up to play and everything is decent. Junction 2 was different though. They actually managed to raise the bar in every area – the location, the layout, the lineup, the production, but also the sound… OMG, it was so powerful and loud! That never happens at outdoor events.

I couldn’t have been more impressed. Especially as it felt like I was surround by friends all day long. Loads of artists I respect, the promoters, LWE, who I’ve worked with for five years and the amazing UK crowd who are right up there with the most energetic and enthusiastic in the world. I’d love to be able to package them up and take them around with me every week, but I’m sure I’ll see some familiar faces around the place over the summer, especially at Space in Ibiza which has always had a strong UK crowd.” Alan Fitzpatrick