The Hydra have curated a lineup that features some of it’s core artists, and with that some of the best that are out there. Their stage at Junction 2 festival features Dixon, Ame (DJ), Mr. G (Live), Mano Le Tough & Move D. Keep an ear out for the production additions to their stage, which are going to be very special indeed.

With support from his peers and admiration from those that are scuffing their shoes on dancefloors across the globe, Dixon is without question on top. Electronic music has refused grades, ranking and titles but RA’s top 100 has managed to become a trusted voice for the community as a whole; and topping this 3 years in a row is a credit to just how much he’s done for the movement. A side from these enchanting experiences on the decks, Dixon’s real success has been Innervisions; a name on everyone’s lips from Berlin to Bermuda. The label he co-runs with Âme has provided a platform for their own artistic output as well as other leftfield producers; helping to define the sound of electronic in music over the last decade. The influence of the imprint has caused ripples across the scene, releasing tracks that have been and will continue to be staples in the sets of many DJs for years to come.

Âme comes from the French for “soul”, a sentiment that penetrates their discography. Starting out back in 2003 on Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv imprint, the duo spent years perfecting their craft, slowly but surely rising to acclaim. There has always been something unique in Âme’s productions: a dreamy melancholia breezing through a myriad of musical influences. Whether live or a dj set they are true masters of the craft.

There have been many generations of British dance culture, but throughout almost all of them, only one Mr. G.  By his late teens, the Derby-born Mr. G, or Colin McBean as he was then better known, was saving his cash to regularly visit London. Immersing himself in sound, and the rest is history… well almost – read the full interview with him here.

With his fingers busy in the studio, Irish producer Mano Le Tough has been pushing all the right buttons creating with cutting remixes, jaw-dropping collaborations and of course his critically acclaimed debut album. It’s been an astronomical rise up the ranks for the humble Irishman, and it’s been a tireless attitude to studio output that’s got him this success. That’s why he’s been labeled as “one of electronic music’s newest big names.”

Although his rise has seemed to be so sharp to the outside, Mano has highlighted that this was a gradual process, and something that built up as he became more popular. Unlike others who have blown up over night with one track, and then burnt out; Mano’s rise has far more backbone than a one hit wonder. Having moved to Berlin for a musical pilgrimage, Mano and quickly became loved on the local club circuit and before long he was brushing shoulders with the Innvervisions clique. And from these roots he has steadily grown into a city hopper on a global scale.

Move D has a close relationship to electric minds, having released on the label. His releases touch on house conventions but are delivered in his own inimitable style, leaving everyone – from long time fans to the uninitiated— with their jaws on the floor and their hands in the air.