Mano Le Tough “Take Me Back”

Dixon and Ame supported “Take Me Back” and many other of the earlier Mano Le Tough productions helping his music find new audiences. In 2012 electric minds arranged an interview for Ame with the Guardian newspaper, Beyer stated that “Thanks to Mano le Tough,” he is not worried about the future of house; and we definitely agree with how thats turned out.

Mr. G “Backtracking”

Mr G’s productions are so raw and powerful with many undiscovered gems amongst his back catalogue. The vinyl heads will know whats up as many cant be found digitally, and this recent release from Dungeon Meat is a great example of what can be found.

Move D “To The Disco”

There are just too many great productions from David Moufang to pick only one so I’ll be biased and choose one that we released ourselves. This is one of our most requested records, so much so we had to repress the record six times.

Âme – I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiedemann Remix)

When Âme played this record at Lost In A Moment, Osea Island it captured a beautiful moment. The original is a sweet folk-tinged song so a testament to Âme’s production skills to turn this into a dance floor bomb.

Dixon – Ben Klock – The Voice From Planet Love – Dixon Edit

Dixon has a celever knack for making subtle edits which help deliver those special dance floor moments. His “Temporary Secretary” mix is a rare pre-recorded set and destined to be one of his last compilations after he announced he wouldn’t make any more a few years back.