Closer is a party created by LWE for their more intimate shows, designed to allow artists the ability to build a deeper relationship between them and their audience. With the ethos of stripping everything back to basics, Closer is the backlash against excess.

Starting in 2007 at Corsica Studios, the night’s ethos centred around a party aimed squarely at smaller dancefloors, longer sets and a music policy of unrestricted and unrestrained techno. The party has been in existence for 9 years, hosting just a few dates per year, focusing less on the length of the line up and more on the length of each DJ’s set. Its most memorable parties so far have included a 6 hour set from Adam Beyer (4 years ago – time flies!) and a dawn-seeking workout from Chris Liebing.

Closer joins Junction 2 with a specific program in mind – their stage is designed to mimic the pressure-cooker conditions of a pounding close-knit club with a community vibe rather than a festival. Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann, Scuba and Dense & Pika will all perform extended sets with the emphasis on techno throughout.


Nina Kraviz, Scuba & Dense & Pika, bringing the vibes to Tobacco Dock in 2014.

The addition of Closer to Junction 2 rounds out the festival’s offering: two stages committed to techno – Drumcode for main stage scale and Closer for club intensity, whilst the Hydra stage adds that more electronica element.

Techno is a rich and varied genre, and London itself and its parties have over the years come in all manner of scales and settings. Junction 2’s stage selection seeks to celebrate this.