Although he spends his time between London and Berlin, Scuba is a London artist through-and-through. He emerged as a wave of artists in the post-dubstep era. After breaking through, he made the successful transition to techno – and this is the incarnation of Scuba we know today. In 2016 he became the first techno incumbent of XOYO’s quarterly resident series, taking over the Shoreditch venue for thirteen straight Saturdays. When fabric had its licence stripped later that same year, he was one of their most outspoken supporters. Indeed, he was the last DJ to play in the venue before the closure and was back within the first month of having their licence reinstated. During the interim he even mixed vol.90 of their acclaimed compilation series – a poignant entry, not just for the club, but the wider clubbing community.

At Junction 2 2018 Scuba will don his darker alter-ego, SCB – for his brand new live show. The much anticipated performance has been proceeded by a flurry of new Hotflush material across 2 EPs. Plus an appearance at J2 Presents at Tobacco Dock – a place Scuba knows all too well.