Joining Innervisions compadres Dixon & Âme, Marcus Worgull is a German house DJ whose methodical, hypnotic style has won him admirers the world over. Though his repertoire is predominately the kind of deep house synonymous with his home label, Worgull’s influences range from dub reggae to nu-jazz and soul to broken beat. A former record store owner, his slant on electronic music comes from Cologne via Köln instead of the typical Berlin hub. This subtle variation is evident in his music. Wüppertal – the small town where he still resides – is idyllic and no stranger to the odd flurry of snow. Whilst we hope there’ll be no talk of the white stuff in west London come June (though stranger things have happened!), we’re sure the sheer beauty of the park will captivate Marcus in much the same way as his more familiar surroundings.