Len Faki’s edit-littered DJ sets are often in danger of going-off the Richter scale! He makes no apologies for his unflinching, high-adrenaline Berlin techno sound. They are not for the faint-of-heart! Triggering dancefloor eruptions everywhere from Berghain to Zcre Beach, Pag Island. He greets London annually, invited courtesy of eclectic purveyors Superstition. But beyond that, Faki is deserving of a pedestal bigger still.

There’s no disputing that Len Faki is a veteran whose reputation proceeds him. But maybe, just maybe, he hasn’t quite had his “London moment” yet. With that in mind, Junction 2 marks the perfect opportunity for the German to curb-stomp his uncensored, no-prisoners style of techno on the capital.