Joy Orbison is another London-based artist. Introduced to DJ EZ and Nicky Blackmarket by his uncle as a young teen, he found his calling early. A melting pot of the city’s eclectic musical landscape, you’ll find a smorgasbord of styles from house to dubstep, UKG to jungle. All the while with a tone that borrows heavily from techno. In fact, his meandering sound offers a real snapshop of what underground UK music is all about. His bass leaning sentiments put him in the same bracket as contemporaries Ben UFO, Mount Kimbie & Boddika – with whom he has collaborated with many a time.

Joy O is no stranger to the capital, regularly appearing at nightspots across the city. Oval Space, Corisca Studios, fabric – he’s a familiar face at them all. One of Peter O’Grady’s biggest gifts to his hometown has been his own immaculately curated party series, Just For You. And when he’s not playing in clubs, he can be found at an array of outdoor festivals, including Dekmantel, Primavera, Love International and, of course, Junction 2.