Dixon hasn’t just excelled in the mystique of the modern DJ, he’s perfected it. When you consider his traits, he’s an advert for the best form of exposure being no exposure at all. His production output is modest at best. He rarely releases recorded mixes, far less commercial ones. Nailing him down for an interview is notorious difficult. And yet if the cult of the DJ was a competition, Dixon would be the winner. True to form, he is no stranger to awards. Resident Advisor practically shelved their annual DJ poll because it was coming a tad too predictable: Dixon romping home year-after-year.
But “predictable” isn’t a criticism that can be aimed at his DJ sets. Meandering, nuanced, dynamic, layered – these are just a handful of superlatives that describe the DJ of a generation. His Innervisions label is widely used as a reference point, against which the rest of electronic music is measured.

In our fair capital he has countless epic shows under his belt, as you would expect. A recent set which sticks in our memory, is his all night long set at Ministry Sound in March last year. We Are FSTVL, SW4, Field Day, Eastern Electrics – Dixon has played them all. But going B2B with Kristen on June 9th might just trump them all!